why not?
My first foray into poetry in an embarassingly long time, bear with me. Or go find something else to read.

It's over now.
That hurts.
I get it.

Especially when you are aching with the pain of the end
And are witness to the very beginning

It's okay
to be sad
to feel bitter.

It's okay to questiong everything.
Just don't forget you won't find all the answers.

You may want to do something dumb.
That's okay, too.
Just don't lose you.
Don't let the ache of what was
blind you to the truth of what could be.

So there you are
staring at tomorrow.
Not quite sure what to do with today.

let your soul scream.
Let it heal.
Find comfort in friends and lovers.

Know that their loss
is your gain.

I'm out of practice. The Man is being a brat, and picking on me. He'll get his. I know where he sleeps.

Twelfth Night was tremendous. The clothes were awe-inspiring. The talent that went into their creation even more so. Other than gawking at the pretties, the most fun was the people. The friends that make this whole crazy thing worth it. It's a tiny bit awkward, though. A lot of the joy that comes from eventing comes from seeing friends from afar, whom you don't get to see often. I don't *know* any body, yet. This will change with time and patience. I still feel a bit like a lump sometimes. I love watching and listening to the all of the goings on. It does kind of make me feel like I'm invisible. I sort of fade into the background. I wish I knew more. I wish I had something to add to conversations, other than "Ooh, shiney." Patience hell, I want to be smart.

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Not knowing people quite yet is the hardest thing... and, while you know it'll resolve with time, it's still hard to sit there and feel the swirl of the social around you and not quite be a part of it.

Time. Feh.

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